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G. Warren Smith - Sunbelt Business Brokers Clearwater/St. Petersburg.
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Warren Smith has extensive experience in both corporate life and start-up situations. He started his career with one of the first franchise type concepts with Mobil Oil Corporation. Warren was responsible for working with 40 independent service station dealers in the metro Philadelphia area to help grow their businesses. Later he was promoted to area manager with responsibility for over 150 dealers. He also started the first self service operation for the company in Pennsylvania.

Enjoying the excitement of start-ups, Warren jumped at the chance of being part of the sales group which introduced soft contact lenses to the market for Bausch & Lomb. Warren served in various marketing functions for the company and eventually took over responsibility for the western third of the United States.

Again the bug bit Warren and he accepted the position as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for another new start up, American Hydron, a new soft contact lens company. During his tenure, sales grew to over $80 million. He developed the sales force from scratch and developed the marketing plans for the company’s most successful product in both sales and profits.

He also helped raise $28 million dollars in bonds in Europe. The company became very attractive for a takeover and was acquired by Smith, Kline, Beechum. He stayed on for a year, but the culture had changed and so he sought new opportunities

At this time there was a company, Silor, which distributed optical lenses for eyeglasses. Once a market leader, but now it was losing market share and more important it was losing profits. Warren was named president of Silor and launched a campaign to regain share and profits which he did with the introduction of new product lines. Silor was foreign owned and he saw a greater parent company influence and so he decided it was time to start his own business.

Warren assisted the start of two new businesses, Vision Concepts and Beverly Hills Polo Club. Both were optical frame distributors offering private label, a new concept to the optical market. Warren sold his interests in the companies to his partners and has now spent the last thirteen years helping others find their own dreams through a business of their own or to help current owners transition to their next steps..