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At Sunbelt Business Brokers, our Clearwater Tampa Bay brokers' only job is to sell a Clearwater Tampa Bay businesses - to sell YOUR Clearwater Tampa Bay business! We are the largest franchise network of Business Brokers in the world.

Our Clearwater Tampa Bay Brokers are trained in evaluating, marketing and negotiating the best possible deal for Clients. We represent you, the Seller, as our Client, and your best interests are paramount.

Sell a Clearwater Tampa Bay Business quickly and quietly with sunbelt

Selling your Clearwater Tampa Bay business without undue fanfare is a necessity for a successful transition of ownership. News of an upcoming business sale can lead to key employee flight, customer loss and disruption of normal business flow. Sunbelt has decades of experience in discreet promotion, sale and closing. Selling a business quickly and for top dollar is second only to proceeding quietly and discreetly.

Our Brokers are trained in confidential procedures including required confidentiality/disclosure agreements for all potential buyers. Protecting the integrity of your company is one of the most important factors in hiring a Broker.

Professional Business Valuation

The true value of a professional business valuation is ascertaining the price at which your Clearwater Tampa Bay business would effectively change hands in the marketplace.

A professional valuation of a Clearwater Tampa Bay Business is both science and art. No two businesses are the same. There's no "formula" to valuate all businesses.

Factors affecting the sale of a Clearwater Tampa Bay Business –

  • the company's business history
  • future economic outlook
  • hard assets
  • intangible factors like industry future, brand, reputation, client list, etc.
The most common mistake a seller makes is overvaluing his/her business. If the price is too high, it won't sell - too low and your life's work is sold on the cheap. The prospective buyer doesn't have the same emotional connection to your business. Rare exception - Warren Buffet bought Dairy Queen just because he didn't want to see this American icon disappear.

What you should know about the process

Here are the normal steps in the process of selling your business:

  1. Professional Valuation (determining a salable Market Value)

    Evaluating your business for its “Market Value” is dependent upon many elements:

    • The size and worth of your operation
    • Financial records
    • Your time frame and reason for selling
    • Your industry category such as retail, manufacturing, distribution etc.
    • Current market conditions
  2. Marketing - Sell a Clearwater Tampa Bay Business!

    Our marketing process is tailored to your specific business, in your specific location,To sell a Clearwater Tampa Bay business, you need a local, savvy, Clearwater Tampa Bay business broker
    Some of our marketing Methods include:

    • Listing packages, known as Confidential Business Reviews
    • MLS Listings (BBF MLS,, Biz Buy Sell,
      and most of the high volume “Businesses for Sale”, sites on the Internet.)
    • Specific email campaigns uniquely tailored to sell a Clearwater business
    • Industry publications
    • Affiliated advertising
  3. Buyer Networking Clearwater Tampa Bay In-house and with Other Brokerage Firms

    Our Clearwater Tampa Bay specific Brokers are constantly working, behind-the-scenes with their own network of buyers, including investors, corporate executives, and first- time potential business buyers. If you want to sell a Clearwater business - we're the ones to do it for you.

  4. Negotiations with Potential Buyers

    Having a Broker represent you during negotiations is critical. Having an intermediary takes a great deal of the emotion out of the process. Many offers can be complicated, involving issues other than merely price and terms. Financing, right- of- set off, transitions, non-compete agreements, and other contingencies can be complicated for the un-initiated. An experienced Broker can take you through this maze and negotiate a final outcome that will be satisfactory for you without losing the Buyer.

  5. Due Diligence

    Due Diligence is the process of proving to the buyer that the operational accounting is accurate and as stated in the offering. This often involves reviewing tax returns, invoices, receipts, payroll ledgers and other confidential documentation. During this process, it is important to have a Broker guide you through the process to protect the integrity of the business. Disclosing too much or certain types of information may not be appropriate, while providing too little information may cause the buyer to walk away. We will work closely with your bookkeeper and accountants to provide the proper flow of information.

  6. Closing the Deal

    Many deals have been lost after the "Offer for Purchase" was signed by the Buyer and Tampa Bay / Clearwater Seller. Getting the deal to the closing table is often the most important job that we, as the Broker, provide to our Clients. Proper paper flow to the Closing Attorney, maintaining Buyer confidence, and confidentiality to your employees, is a delicate balance. Professional representation is critical during the all stages of the transaction.

  7. Financing the Deal

    Our firm works closely with several banks and financial institutions who are participating in the SBA 7(A) program to finance business acquisitions. Upon listing your business, we will automatically work with these lenders to obtain financing terms for your company. This will greatly increase the marketability, and number of buyers interested in the sale of your business, because we have established a down payment and financing terms. Understanding, that these terms are contingent upon the buyer’s qualifications as well, in most instances, obtaining SBA financing can be the singular most important factor in selling your company.

  8. Costs

    Brokers get paid at the closing table. As a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker, we charge no up- front fees, nor do we charge for an initial market evaluation. All costs of marketing and representing your business during the listing period are at the Brokers' expense. Brokers do not get paid by a Seller until the transaction is finalized at the closing table.

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