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Buying a business online, often includes extensive web searches, trying to obtain reasonable amounts of information from sellers and brokers, and navigating a very complicated transaction process. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses listed for sale at any given time, and sifting through the mountains of information can be a very frustrating process.

A local Business Broker can accomplish all of this for you. Sunbelt is a local Clearwater Business Broker serving the Tampa Bay Area. We can filter through the process, gather pertinent information, contact the sellers and listing Brokers, and present you with reasonable options to investigate. Trying to buy a business on your own is both time-consuming and exhausting.

If you decide to buy a business on your own, we encourage you to look through our Firm’s listings on this website, along with a link to the BBF MLS, the Business Brokers of Florida MLS system. This MLS contains almost all businesses listed for sale by Brokers within the State of Florida.

Buy a Tampa Bay Business - WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT

Buyers should be prepared to sign or provide at least 2 primary documents. The first is a nondisclosure agreement, typically referred to as an NDA. Formerly known as a confidentiality agreement, this document only commits you to a confidential process, which allows us to provide highly sensitive information about the seller’s business to you. The 2nd document you may be asked to complete and sign, is a basic financial statement. This is normally required by our sellers, prior to releasing information on their company. This also establishes a comfort zone between the seller and you, as the potential buyer in future negotiations.

Buy a Tampa Bay Business - DIRECT BROKER CONTACT

When you contact Sunbelt Business Brokers of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, concerning a specific listing on the Internet, you will be sent an immediate response and an NDA to complete and sign. Once the agreement is signed and returned to our office, you will be contacted by the Broker who is the actual Listing Broker for that specific company. You will then be able to work directly with that Broker.


  1. Initial Buyer/Broker Contact

  2. Preliminary Package

    You will be provided with a preliminary package of information, upon completion of the NDA.

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  3. Buyer / Seller Meeting

    Next, a Buyer/Seller Meeting would be arranged, sometimes in the form of a conference call.

  4. Writing the Offer

    After your decision has been made, we would assist you in writing the offer, and completing the necessary paperwork.

  5. Due Diligence

    Following an acceptance of your offer by the seller, the due diligence process would take place. Any and all offers made on business acquisitions, are contingent upon the buyer’s complete satisfaction with the due diligence process.

  6. Authorization to Close

    Upon a successful completion of due diligence, you would be asked to sign an “Authorization to Close” document officially sealing the deal.

  7. Closing

    Closing will take place at an independent “Closing Attorneys” office.

While this is an abbreviated version of a transaction, it is an example of what to expect in buying a business. Sunbelt Business Brokers are trained professionals who are uniquely qualified to help you through each step and make the transaction as successful as possible.

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Florida Business Opportunity

Automotive|Auto General Repair

Selling Price:  $230,000
Central Gulf Coast

Well located profitable garage in rapidly growing area of the Gulf Coast of Florida.  The Garage has 4 bays with lifts as well as a spacious office and reception area.  Well equiped with modern, up to date tools of the trade. The garage can boast a 5-star rating...

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